Cочинение о компьютере на английском «Computers in our life»

Nowadays computers have become an extremely important part of our life. They are used by children and old people, both for fun, for studying and for work. As for me, personal computer is a great invention. However, as every invention it also has both drawbacks and advantages.

Firstly, computers make our life easier. In every modern office there are computers to help people work faster. Students and schoolchildren use computers for studying. For example, the can find information for reviews or essays in the Internet. Secondly, computer is a tool for fun and communication. With the help of the Internet people from different corners of the world can communicate easily, developing international relationships. When we are bored, we can play online games with others or watch a movie using our PC.

On the other hand, spending much time working on a computer, we can damage our health. It also prevents us from walking and enjoying our hobbies. Perhaps, computers sometimes make our life too easy. Solving all the problems, they leave nothing for us to do.

Personally I cannot imagine my life without computers. They are completely necessary in the today’s developing world.

To make a conclusion, I would like to say that computers are great. Our life would be dull and boring without them. However, we should limit the amount of time we spend using them to avoid troubles.

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