Healthy Lifestyle Сочинение на английском языке «Моя семья»

Healthy Lifestyle
Every reasonable person knows the necessity to lead a healthy life. It is important to take a wide range of activities. First of all one should get rid of harmful habits — no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking. It is no need to say if you have such habits any healthy food could help you.
Food and drinks
You are what you eat
Second as it was already mentioned is healthy food and drinks. Avoid fast food, junk food, sugary soft drinks and so on. It is much better to eat a piece of meat insted of sausage for example and to drink mineral water instead of Cola. Every person always has a choice. The most useful products are homemade, prepared according to the right technology and of course prepared with love.
The best products for our health are fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, eggs, milk products, cereals. Of course you have always a choice as to be a vegetarian. Day regimen, avoiding of overeating as well as too strict diets could help you be healthy and energetic.
Active life and healthy mind
That means one should be active enough and do sports in a reasonable way without fanaticism. It is very nice to have a hobby connected with motion. You can choose one kind of sport useful and pleasant for you — walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, attending any sports club.
And of course never forget to be in a fresh air as much as you can.
One should never forget about healthy mind. Avoid stress, keep calm, be kind, goodtempered and optimistic, meet relatives and friends.
Make all these recommendations a lifestyle not a duty.

My Family
In brief
I am going to tell you about myself and my family. My name is Artem. I am 10. I have got a large friendly family. There 5 of us: my parents, me and two my 5 years old twin sisters.
My father’s name is Oleg, he is a businessman. My mother Larisa is a book-kepper. I go to school and my sisters to the kindergarten. We live in a flat and have a cat.
I have 2 grandfathers and 2 grandmothers. My father’s parents live in the next building and mother’s parents live in the village. We visit all of them quite often. I also have uncles and ants and 6 cousins. I love them all.
Our everyday life
Our workdays are quite usuial, we see each other a little in the morning at breakfast and then only in the evening. Father usually comes very late in the evening to kiss us goodnight. He works hard and I miss him very much.
To my great pleasure mother gives us more attention. After all evening routines  such as homework, supper and housework are done she gives us her love and time.  We talk, read books, draw, play different games. She invents many interesting things to entertain us for example we mold using plasticine, clay, salt dough then we organize exhibitions. It is real fun!
Our weekends
I love weekends so much! No need to go to school, and we can spend time together with both parents. Saturday is a home day, we do cleaning, eat and talk, go for a walk, visit grandparents. Father plays a lot with us.
But most of all I love Sundays! We visit circus or cinema, sometimes art galleries, entertainment centers. Sometimes we take lessons of horseriding. In the evening we watch an interesting film and discuss it.

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