My best friend

Hello. I want to tell you about my best friend. Her name is Olga, she was 17 years old. She studied with me in the same class at school, but unfortunately a couple of years ago, she and her parents moved to live in another city.
detail about Olga
Olga is very kind and sympathetic person. We have been friends with her since first grade. When she moved, I was very afraid that our communication stop, but it only brought us closer together. We call each other every day and talk about our interests.
We are together with Olya 10 years went to the section in volleyball. Olya good athlete, she has a lot of medals and awards. Almost every month, she went on competition. Despite the fact that Olga perfect athlete, she was a good student in school. Olga knows three languages, English, French and German. She goes to extra classes for raising the level of language. In the future Olga wants to become an interpreter. I believe it will succeed.
We are best friends with Olga, have similar interests and vzgyady to life. Olya always support me if what happens to the problem. I love her so much because she is sympathetic and kind to me.
Each — this is one soul living in two bodies.
journey to Olga
A month ago, I returned from Olga. I was in her house for two months. At last, we were able to stop talking enough. Olya now lives in Kiev, and in the future wants to go live in England, because he loves the language and wants to live there. I loved Kiev, Olga knows the city well.
She told me many stories about the new classroom and her first boyfriend. I’m happy for her that she had all the good in the new town.
We were visiting the parks, cafes and just a lot of walking. I have not seen this friend to see each another and I want to note that it is prettier and has matured.
Olya goes to volleyball and continues to learn languages​​. She is very stubborn and will achieve the desired results.
After meeting with her once again I made ​​sure that I love my girlfriend and I wish her all the best. She is beautiful and kind person, I hope that we will be friends with her all life.
Sincere attitude, the truth in communication — that’s friendship.

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