My university

I live in Ufa . It’s a big city — a capital of Bashkortostan Republic. In my city there are many universities. The largest one is USATU — Ufa State Aviation Technical University. This is my university.

USATU has a long history.It begins in the 19th century from Warsaw Polytechnic Institute that was founded in 1897 year. But this university was closed during the First Russian Revolution. Than it was transfered to Novocherkassk where the official history of my university began from Rybinsk Aviation Institute in 1932.

When World War II began, the government decided to evacuate this institute in Ufa. It was in 1942. Many workers have followed thear native workplace. That year it was renamed to Ufa Aviation Institute (UAI). It became a technical university in 1996.
The mane thesis of my university was proclaimed 50 years ago and sounds like:

“Science is the foundation of high quality education”.
USATU’s training areas
USATU’s main training area is aviation. In our city we have Ufa Engine Industrial Association — Russia’s leader in production of aircraft engines. And the best specialists of this enterprise were graduated USATU.

My university trains specialists in many areas related to the aviation industry and production of aircraft engines: metalworking, mechanical engineering, instrument – making, machine building. Also it has many other interesting training areas: economics and management, computer science, life safety.

USATU: looking to the future

My university known as one of the most innovative in Russia. At its base there is a center of robotics and other advanced technologies such as virtual reality. Within its walls there is a 3d room, where you can see all objects in three-dimensional image.

Students of this university can win international competitions, make the latest developments, participate in international forums and training programs for the exchange, for example, Germany. I think that being a student of USATU means keeping up with the times and looking to the future.

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