Сочинение на английском «My best friend»

My best friend’s name is Michael. He is two years older that me. It is quite difficult to describe his appearance as he is a usual boy. I know for sure that he doesn’t like to wear school uniform, he prefers loose T-shirts and jeans. As for his personal characteristics, I can say shortly: he often makes me laugh. He loves his parents and his younger sister. He has good relationships with his classmates. As for the studying at school, he doesn’t have high marks, but they are normal enough.
About friend
Michael has pets. These are nice small fluffy animals — chinchillas. He has a couple of them — black and white one. They live in a huge cage. Michael’s parents have bought it as they wanted pets to feel comfortable in the cage. When I come to Michael’s house I like to feed and play with them.
Michael often travels with his parents. They like skiing and often go to ski resorts. Recently they have bought a camera for my friend. Now he is going to start a short course for photographers to learn this topic and make good pictures. May be he will become a famous photographer in the future.
Our way of spending free time
Usually our best friends are our class-mates. But I have met my friend not at school, but at the computer academy. We have been learning there for two years. We like studying hardware and software, designer programs and so on. And of course we like to spend my leisure playing computer games. Our favorite games are «Minecraft», «World Of Tanks», «Portal» and «Orcs must die!» My parents don’t like me playing so long every day, but it is interesting. Often we play by multiplayer, meanwhile we communicate with each other and share our last new.
I am really glad that I have a pal who will help and support me in any situation. I like that we often have the same opinion and if no, we can discuss it without arguing. I like that I have a nice person to spend a free time with. And I hope our friendship will last for good!

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