Сочинение на английском языке «Досуг и развлечения»

Everyone needs some leisure time. It is simply impossible to work non-stop, no matter how important your goals are. Without a period of relaxation, you get slower and slower, until you finally feel sick and get an absent leave. Moreover, when you are stressed and unhappy, the quality of your work falls dramatically. It is hard to notice a good idea, let alone implement it into your work process, when you are in bad mood. That is why it is so important to have some leisure time, when you can do everything you like on your own or with your friends. And you should not regret every minute of it, because you are not doing the stuff you are paid for, but enjoy it to the fullest, for it allows to work faster and more productively.

My idea of fun

Everyone is different, that is why we all enjoy doing different things in our leisure time. One likes watching TV, another plays football with their friends, it is all good, as long as it brings a person satisfaction. As for me, my passion is cinema and good literature. I am an avid reader. When I was younger, I would read every book I could find. Then there was a period in my life when I read only science fiction. Now I try to read only good books, which either have a good idea or are somewhat helpful for me. As for cinema, I like watching new movies with my friends. It is awesome to be able to discuss all the subtle details with them.

Things I want to try doing in my leisure time

I do not usually have a lot of free time, but sometimes I am too bored to do something really important. That is when I need something interesting to distract myself from work and let my brains rest. I have recently made a list of things a can try in my leisure time to entertain myself.

  • Taking part in some online courses;
  • Learning how to draw and expressing myself through pictures;
  • Riding my bicycle in the park near my home;
  • Jogging in the evening;
  • Learning Spanish or French;
  • Writing on my blog;
  • Walking on foot and taking nice photos of ordinary things;
  • Trying relaxation through meditation.

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