Сочинение на английском языке: «Мой город»

My Town
The golden mean
I live not in a city and not in a village but in the town. That is something in between. My townspeople live both in block of flats and in private houses.

Our town has everything necessary for comfortable living: many enterprises, several plants, schools, kindergartens, a railway station, a lot of shops, two markets, libraries, hospitals, and even our own museum.

Our town is rather green, we have got a lot of trees along the streets and two large parks where squirels live. They used to people so that take food right from hands.

Though we have Art and Music schools for children, as well as different clubs of interests such as dancing, football, valleyball, fitness and so on, to my mind it lacks other cultural organizations for selfdevelopment. Nevertheless one who wants to visit cinemas, theatres, exhibitions can go to the nearest city which is situated 30 minutes to get in. It is very convenient to get there by car, by train or by bus. So that all cultural and other needs could be easily satisfied. By the way a lot of our townspeople go to this city to work and to study in the collages and universities.

Civilized and ecological
There is a lot of advantages in living in the town. They are as follows: fresh air, calmness, we don’t have much traffic and dangerous factories. Our town though civilized enough is situated close to the nature. One can easily walk or ride a bike to get to the nearest forest, to go fishing to the lake in the close neighbourhood.

In my opinion my town is a reasonable combination of a city and a village. It is the best place for me.

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