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Ukraine has extraordinary educational potential and great traditions of higher education! Since I live in Kharkov that is often called a city of students, I have decided to get into one of Kharkov universities. As I learned from what I had found on the Internet, a special place in the history of education in Ukraine belongs to the Kharkov University, which was one of the first schools in the Russian Empire. Now I do everything I can to be a part of it!

Past and Present of V.N. Karazin National University of Kharkov

Karazin University was founded in 1804, few years ago, students celebrated its bicentennial. Nowadays this university has about two dozen faculties, at the time it was founded, there were only a few, but even then the preparation was carried out at a high level. Back then Karazin invited many professors from other countries to teach his students. In particular, philosophy was taught by German professors, that is the reason why Kharkov school of philosophy has taken on special significance. Other specialties have had their own accomplishments. Most universities of Kharkov, such as Medical University, Pharmaceutical Academy, Pedagogical University, University of Culture and many others have been once a part of Karazin University.

The University has every reason to be proud of its graduates, including writers, economists, biologists, physicists, mathematicians, — all they have achieved considerable success in their field. Karazin University gave at least three Nobel laureates — biologist Mechnikov, the economist S. Kuznetsov and the world-famous physicist Lev Landau. Recently, the shooting of a documentary about the Landau — and Kharkiv became a film set to play in those events.

Universal university

Unable to determine which direction the preparation of students gave the best results the Kharkov University graduates have established themselves as experts in all fields of science. Now this higher educational institution participates in international educational and scientific programs, which allows its students to study abroad. In addition, the university is famous for its library and botanical garden. I learned that the Natural History Museum of Kharkov University was one of the first such museums in the world!

Karazin University has old traditions. Besides, since the middle of the XX century it is one of the most famous buildings in the city. Some say that the length of its corridors is about seven miles. Now, Ukraine joined the Bologna reform process of education — and all the innovations in high school combined with a long tradition of teaching and research can lead to amazing results. I hope that within a year I will be a student of the university, which is one of the best in our country.

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