Сочинение на английском языке на тему «Обучение в институте»

After the school every pupil become student. Candidates choose the university or college where they will study. Many people think about what choice is right.
The main aim of studying at the university is getting pleasure from training process.
Choice of the university or college depends from the candidate’s talants, desires, ambitions and knowledge. If pupil have a good marks in school, he can study at any university what he want.
Also there are different countries which have the famous universities and colleges.
The famous universities and colleges are California Institute of Technology,Harvard University,University of Oxford,Columbia University,University of Tokyo,National University of Singapore,University of Melbourne,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and ect. Also there is the distance learning.  The student can learn home. After the choosing the student move to the campus, where he live.
Only the educated are free.
And training begins!
Undergraduate degrees begin in September/October and are usually three years in duration.
It is essential the student review the material from lectures, seminars and textbooks regulary. The student should review any previous tests you’ve had in the course. Also he should analyze errors were made him in the past, recognizing where he lost marks.
It’s so important to plan learning time. Every student have different prefers of the planning there time. But many students work very well late into the night. Usually there break needs to be 5-10 minutes only.
To conclusion, I would like to share that the time of student’s life is the most important, useful and amazing. It is the time of opportunities and conquest of tops.

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