Сочинение на английском языке «Про квартиру»

Oh, let me tell you about the best flat in the world! It’s the place I and my parents live in. It’s ours!
So we live in a five-stored block of flats which has a children’s playground in front of it. Also I like a lot of trees growing around the house.
Welcome to my room!
My flat is neither big nor small. There are three rooms in it and I like them all! Coming in first you can see a small bedroom which is mine. I like bright colors so the wallpapers have orange color, but the curtain is white. Interesting, but it match the wallpaper. I have a very large window, it’s wooden. My small bed is in the right corner, and there is a very lovely carpet near it. Also I have a writing table where I can do my homework. There is a computer on it, so I can search the information, or listening to music, or doing everything I need or I want. I have two pictures above the table and a very comfortable chair.
The next room is living room. It’s very simple decorated but nice and cosy. We haven’t a TV, but the main place of it is a giant computer monitor. Near the another wall there is a modern sofa in black and white colors. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the walls. They have deep grey color. Also we have a big aquarium with three fishes and…That’s all! That’s because our living-room is so unusual and interesting.
My parent’s bedroom is bigger than mine. There are a large bed in it, a wardrobe, a bedside table and carpet. Everything is black, and matches well with yellow wallpapers/
Go to the kitchen!
The kitchen and the dining-room is the same place. There are a refrigerator, a red cupboard, a gas-stove and another important things. When we receive guests we have dinner in the living-room.
My home is my castle. The old saying.
I can surely say that we have all conveniences here – a central heating, gas, running water, electricity and internet. I and my family are very happy there.

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