Сочинение на английском языке «Учеба в университете»

My last days of school were all about finding and buying the most beautiful dress and shoes for the prom. I tried not to think about what I want to do with my life next. Since everyone planned to get into some university right after school, I had to choose what subjects I wanted to study and what I wanted to be. Then it was all about filing documents and waiting if I was accepted into the university or not. It turned out all good. When I went to my first year, I thought that it was a fairy tale come true. When at school, I did not even imagined that it could be that way. University teachers set homework, but never checked it. There was a lot of independent task assigned, but no freshmen, including me, bothered to do most of it. But then our first end-of-term exams happened and we had to survive it.

My first term at the university

I was overjoyed when I was accepted into the university. I became even happier when I got to know my university teachers. They treated us as grown-ups and were always kind and polite. When parents asked, I did not have one thing to complain about. Moreover, no one asked students why they were absent.

I was always in a state of euphoria during my first semester at the university. On the eve of exams, I realized that nothing was simple and rosy. I had to do all the assigned homework and individual tasks in record time. I did not get enough sleep, I was stressed and I understood perfectly clear that it was all my fault. Surely, school did not prepare me for this, but no one could have made me a grown-up, I had to understand everything on my own.

My advice on how to pass your first end-of-term exams

The attitude of the teachers to the students changed dramatically on the eve of exam week. During the term, they were polite and helpful, but when exams arrived they suddenly turned into grumpy and always busy people who simply hate all the students and try to ask them the most tricky questions. It seemed that you had to be a genius to be a straight-A student.

Over 11 years in school, we get used to not only to teachers, desks and walls, but also monotonous way of acquiring knowledge. Schoolteachers gradually became my second family. That is why a schoolteacher always calls home asking parents to ask why their child was absent. Besides, repeaters are not good for school reputation.

Curator in the university is about the same as the class teacher in the school; However, unlike a school teacher, curators are not held accountable for performance of a particular student. So they do not call students’ parents, it is part of treating students as grown-ups, who know how to set plans and achieve their goals.

For safe and fast adaptation to university life you have to follow the simple rules:

  1. Always be modest and polite with teachers, because it is important to establish contact with them.
  2. Do not skip classes, especially lectures, even if their teachers say that they do not care if you attend.
  3. Learn your teachers’ names and do not hesitate to ask them a question.
  4. Always do your homework and individual tasks, even if your teachers do not check them.

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