Сочинение на английском — My room

     A lot of people say that my home is my castle. As for me, I am not afraid of saying that because I spend a great time of my everyday routine in my room, and I always feel myself relaxed and defended.

     In fact, I live in a block of flats on the fifth floor. Actually, it is a four-roomed flat but the rooms are not quite big enough. There are two bedrooms, a living-room, my father’s cabinet, a bathroom and a kitchen. My room is situated between my parent’s bedroom and the living room and . It is 18 square meters, but I think it is fantastic and very cozy.  I am satisfied with it as it is really a good room for a school girl. When you look around, it is out of the question that it is a girl room. You can make this conclusion looking on the large amounts of stuffed toys everywhere because I am keen on collecting them.

    On the left hand side there is a big light brown wardrobe. On the right hand side there is a sofa. It’s green with fluffy pillows on it. When I am tired I lie on it with great pleasure. Next to the sofa there is a computer table where I do my homework. Besides, there is a computer and a big  pink lamp on it. I have got yellow curtains and there are five flower pots with different beautiful flowers on the window-sill. There is a bookcase near my wardrobe. In fact I like reading that’s why I have a lot of books. In the right corner there is a mirror on the wall.

     Moreover, there is a big family portrait on it. It is rather funny because I was only four years old when we took this photo. There are too big colorful pictures on the wall describing nature. Opposite the sofa there is a little desk with three drawers where I keep my copybooks, a pencil-box, colored pencils and other important things for my working day. I like to read books sitting on the floor on my thick carpet. It’s very warm and cozy.

     In conclusion, I am proud of my room. When my friends come to my place, I invite them into my room and we have a good time there in the atmosphere of friendship and relaxation. Besides, I like my room because it is a good place not only to rest but also to work.


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Сочинение «Письмо другу с приглашением в мой город» на английском

Dear Sasha,

How are you? Excuse me for not writing to you for so long. Unfortunately, I am very busy now. I’m tired because of studying. This year is going to be difficult.

However, I want to invite you to visit my city – Kiev. I want you to come during the winter holidays so that we can spend a lot of time together.

I will show you the most famous attractions of Kiev. Firstly, we’ll visit some spiritual places such as Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and Saint Sophia Cathedral. They have a long and interesting history. Secondly, we’ll take pictures of such memorable things as Mother Motherland and The House with Chimeras. Of course, after all, we will be able to spend some time in the Independence Square, which is probably one of the most famous sights of Kiev.

It would also me amazing to visit some colorful restaurants and museums of my city. We will walk in parks, enjoying the fantastic landscapes, being in harmony with nature.

You will see how we live here. I think this trip will be useful for you. However, the most important thing is that we’ll be together all the time.

So, I’m really waiting for our meeting!

Do you have any news for me? Write me, please.

Best wishes,



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My favorite kind of art

Art is an essential part of our life. For every person it is something special and unusual. Not everybody likes it. However, those who like can plunge into a beautiful imaginary world full of happiness and joy.

Somebody may say that art is a serious thing, but as for me, it gives us an opportunity to relax and get pleasure. Moreover, it broadens our outlook.

Different people like various kinds of art. It is difficult for me to decide which one is the most interesting for me. Every kind is inalienable. I cannot imagine my life without cinema, theatre, pictorial art or architecture, for example.

Well, I really enjoy music. So, I would like to tell you about it.

Music is a fantastic thing! Every genre is unique. Listening to music, we can receive different emotions. It can make us sad or happy. Classical music brings us calmness, rock motivates us to act, rap tells about life.

Unfortunately, I do not play any musical instrument. However, I respect those people who do. They are a part of art.

After all, music is a very important kind of art. There would not be theatre and cinema without it and our life would be less colorful.

To conclude, I would like to say that deep inside every person enjoys art as it makes our life better.

Art is long, life is short.


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Сочинение на английском About Myself

My name is Eugen and I’m a third year student at Nezhyn Gogol State University. I’m keen on learning foreign languages, that’s why I’ve made my choice to study at the faculty of foreign studies. To tell you the truth, I can’t stop thinking that graduating from the university will be a serious beginning of my independent life and examination of my skills and abilities to zoom up my career ladder in the fast lane. 

I realize that I must work hard to make good progress in my studying, but sometimes I’m tired of everyday routine. I have the same schedule as every student has. I get up early in the morning when my alarm clock forces me to open my eyes, and with all hate and struggle in my heart I switch it off hoping to lie in bed one or two minutes more. As a result, I oversleep and having a snack as quickly as possible run to my university not to be late. Actually, we have three or four double shifts a day.

I know that knowledge is very important in people’s life. As for me, I go along with a statement that it is a good source to teach me how to live in this world full of difficult situations and hardships. Besides, to be a student is also a good source of enjoyment and entertainment. I have a lot of friends among our faculty and we have a good time together after studying. For example, my friend and I are active members of after-school activity. It means that when our group organizes some concerts, we always take part playing the guitar or acting some funny roles. Moreover, in my free time I’m fond of visiting modern clubs where I can relax after exhausting and hectic studying life at the university in the company of best friends.

I prefer dubstep or hard rock, and it depends on my mood. Music gives me a hand of help to avoid brainstorming. When I come back home after parties I always have energy even to study. Foreign languages demand a great power of will, but I have a good self-esteem to realize that getting good knowledge is very important for my future profession. That’s why I’ll try to do my best in order to reach my aim and goals in my life.


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Письмо на английском языке с переводом

Dear Harry,

How are you? I am very busy these days. That’s why I haven’t been writing you for so long. I have some news for you.

The new school year started greatly. I was happy to meet my friends after summer holidays. However, now I feel tired. We have too much homework. I don’t have enough time to relax. This year is going to be difficult, but interesting. I have so many plans and expectations!

My new hobby is basketball. Recently I have understood that I enjoy it very much. So, I also spend some time playing it.

The weather is fine. It is still quite warm outside. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to winter with its holidays and magic atmosphere.

I should do my homework now. I’ll write you later again.

Do you have something to tell me? I’m waiting to hear from you soon. I really miss you!

All the best,


Дорогой Гарри,

Как ты? Я сейчас очень занят. Поэтому я не писал тебе так долго. У меня есть новости для тебя.

Новый учебный год начался здорово. Я был рад увидеться с друзьями после летних каникул. Но сейчас я чувствую себя уставшим. У нас слишком много домашнего задания. У меня недостаточно времени для отдыха. Этот год будет сложным, но интересным. У меня столько планов и ожиданий!

Моё новое увлечение – баскетбол. Недавно я понял, что он действительно мне нравится. Так что я также провожу время, играя в него.

Погода хорошая. На улице все еще тепло. Все равно я с нетерпением жду зиму с ее праздниками и атмосферой волшебства.

Сейчас мне нужно делать домашнее задание. Я еще напишу тебе позже.

А у тебя есть, что рассказать мне? Я жду, что ты напишешь мне вскоре. Я действительно скучаю по тебе!

Всего наилучшего,



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Сочинение на английском с переводом — My Friend

 Nowadays there are not so many people whom I can call the best friends. I agree with the saying: “A friend in need is a friend indeed” because only my friend can help me when I really have problems. My best friend’s name is Margo, and she is my groupmate at the university. Besides, we have been friends for 4 years already and almost have never quarreled.

 Margo is a very pretty young woman with big grey eyes and long curly fair hair. Moreover, she has a beautiful mouth with plump lips and a fresh complexion. When she smiles, there are dimples in her cheeks, and there is a little mole under her lips, which adds her more attraction and charm. Actually, she is not very tall, but her figure is rather slim. We like to spend our free time together listening to good pop music, watching and discussing new films.

 Sometimes, we prefer to hang out at clubs at weekends. Margo is very smart and looks really attractive. In fact, she is a fashion victim, and it costs a pretty penny to her. Besides, she immediately becomes the centre of attention wherever she goes. My friend has a wonderful sense of humour, and she always cheers me up when I’m depressed, and I’m never bored with her. Although Margo is a good personality, she has also some bad habits as every person has. For example, she is very stubborn never changing her mind even if she is not right. Furthermore, Margo is sometimes absent-minded. Her mother is always angry with her for it.

Yet, Margo is my best friend, and I admire her for her kindness, as she always gives me a hand of help if I need. I hope that after graduating the university we will still stay the best friends in our independent future.


"Моя подруга"

 В наши дни существует не так много людей, которых я могу назвать лучшими друзьями. Я согласна с поговоркой: "Друг познается в беде", потому что только лучшая подруга может помочь, когда у меня действительно проблемы. Мою лучшую подругу зовут Марго, и она моя одногруппница в университете. Кроме того, мы уже дружим в течение 4 лет, и почти никогда не ссорились.

 Марго очень красивая девушка с большими серыми глазами и длинными вьющимися светлыми волосами. Кроме того, у нее красивый рот с пухленькими губами и свежий цвет лица. Когда она улыбается, у нее появляются ямочки на щеках, и у нее есть маленькая родинка под губами, которая добавляет ей больше привлекательности и очарования. На самом деле, она не очень высокая, но ее фигура весьма  изящна. В свободное время мы предпочитаем вместе слушать хорошую поп-музыку, смотреть и обсуждать новые фильмы.

 Иногда по выходным мы любим зависать в клубах. Марго очень симпатичная  и выглядит действительно привлекательно. На самом деле, она следит за модой, и это ей влетает в копейку. Кроме того, она сразу оказывается в центре внимания, где бы она не была. У моей подруги замечательное чувство юмора, и она всегда меня веселит, когда я в депрессии, и мне никогда с ней не скучно. Хотя Марго хороший человек, но она также имеет некоторые плохие привычки, как, впрочем, каждый человек. Например, она очень упрямая и  никогда не изменит свою точку зрения, даже если она не права. Кроме того, Марго иногда рассеяна. Ее мама всегда сердится на нее за это.

 Тем не менее, Марго моя лучшая подруга, и я ей восхищаюсь за  ее доброту,  что она всегда предложит свою помощь, если мне нужно. Я надеюсь, что после окончания университета мы по-прежнему останемся лучшими друзьями в нашем самостоятельном будущем.


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Сочинение на английском My friend

Thanks God, I have such good friend as he is! His name is Kirill Antonov and he is seven years older than me. He is a tall, grey-eyed and redhead guy. Kirill has mother, two younger sisters and the big fluffy dog Ruzvelt. My friend likes Queen band, Shakespeare’s novels and Coca-Cola drink. He is very kind, polite and peaceful person.

When we were children, his family was not so rich, so he rarely ate sweets and did not have expensive toys. My parents loved him and tried to help him. Kirill used to come to our house, eat tasty food and play with my computer. I also gave him interesting books (such as “The Master and Margarita”, “Harry Potter” etc.), so we spent a lot of time together.

He was very clever boy, maybe the cleverest that I have ever seen. That is because he wanted to take a well-paid job and help his family with money. He read a lot, visited scientific presentations and exhibitions, took part in competitions.

Kirill finished the school with the gold medal and enrolled to the university. We stopped our communication because he worked hard and did not have time for my teenagers’ games.

Once, few years later, I was walking down the street and noticed the woman on the bench. She was reading a magazine with his photo on it! I could not believe my eyes: Kirill Antonov became a famous businessman! I was very interested in it, but, unfortunately, I lost his phone number.

This day somebody rang my doorbell. I opened the door and saw my friend! My mother and father were surprised and started to ask him about his life. He told that he had not finished the university yet, but found a job.

Now he is a successful businessman, his colleagues and he have their own company. His family has enough food, money and happiness. Kirill also remembers about my parents’ help and promises to give me a job when I finish the university.

We always were together, even when we were in a distance. I am sure, I have never been alone, because he is my true friend. And I think it is the real friendship.


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Сочинение на английском — My Favourite Film

 To begin with, all the people in the world watch a lot of films. Especially nowadays modern teenagers can’t imagine their life without any foreign film or programme because there are TV-sets, computers, laptops and smart phones in every family. Besides, it is very exciting to watch a film not only at home, but to go to the cinema.

 To my mind, movies are very important in people’s life. There are many kind of films such as adventure films, documentaries, horror films, feature films, fairy-tails, science fiction films, thrillers, romances and even musical films. In my opinion, tastes are differ and that’s why everybody can choose that kind of film, which appeals to him. I think that movies help people to broaden their outlook, to high up their mood and teach them how to live in this dangerous world.

 In fact, there are some movies which are designed to make people think. It can be a documentary, a melodrama or romances. There are so many examples of life there and everybody can take some useful information or a fact which will help to think “Who am I? What will I be able to do in this world?”. But sometimes, they are very difficult for understanding. Some people can’t even grasp the main idea of such a film.

 My favourite film is The Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer. The film was directed by Catherine Hardwicke in 2008. The plot is based on the story of awkward teen Bella Swan, who moved to Forks, Washington, and fell in love with a mysterious boy named Edward Cullen. In fact, he appeared to be a vampire, but it did not influence their attraction to each other. I’m fond of actors playing their roles. They are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and I’m just satisfied with how they could pass through all the hardships in their life to save their real love. Besides, there are so many useful quotes in this film which you can take in your everyday life. For example, my favourite quote is “A lion fell in love with a lamb” because we can find an inner context in this phrase, that love makes people week and unprotected from all the world’s cruelty, but two loving hearts can overcome any hardships.

 So, I hope that in the nearest future there won’t be any person who does not like watching films, because movies are a source of entertainment and relaxation, a source of deep feelings and life experience.


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