Сочинение на английском — My room

     A lot of people say that my home is my castle. As for me, I am not afraid of saying that because I spend a great time of..

Сочинение «Письмо другу с приглашением в мой город» на английском

Dear Sasha, How are you? Excuse me for not writing to you for so long. Unfortunately, I am very busy now. I’m tired because of studying. This year is going..

My favorite kind of art

Art is an essential part of our life. For every person it is something special and unusual. Not everybody likes it. However, those who like can plunge into a beautiful..

Сочинение на английском About Myself

My name is Eugen and I’m a third year student at Nezhyn Gogol State University. I’m keen on learning foreign languages, that’s why I’ve made my choice to study at..

Письмо на английском языке с переводом

Dear Harry, How are you? I am very busy these days. That’s why I haven’t been writing you for so long. I have some news for you. The new school..

Сочинение на английском с переводом — My Friend

 Nowadays there are not so many people whom I can call the best friends. I agree with the saying: “A friend in need is a friend indeed” because only my friend..

Сочинение на английском My friend

Thanks God, I have such good friend as he is! His name is Kirill Antonov and he is seven years older than me. He is a tall, grey-eyed and redhead..

Сочинение на английском — My Favourite Film

 To begin with, all the people in the world watch a lot of films. Especially nowadays modern teenagers can’t imagine their life without any foreign film or programme because there..

Сочинение на английском языке — Summer Holidays

 I may say that school seems to me like a famous saying "Mutton dressed as a lamb". I go along with it because it’s high time we went to school again…

Cочинение о компьютере на английском «Computers in our life»

Nowadays computers have become an extremely important part of our life. They are used by children and old people, both for fun, for studying and for work. As for me,..