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My name is Eugen and I’m a third year student at Nezhyn Gogol State University. I’m keen on learning foreign languages, that’s why I’ve made my choice to study at the faculty of foreign studies. To tell you the truth, I can’t stop thinking that graduating from the university will be a serious beginning of my independent life and examination of my skills and abilities to zoom up my career ladder in the fast lane. 

I realize that I must work hard to make good progress in my studying, but sometimes I’m tired of everyday routine. I have the same schedule as every student has. I get up early in the morning when my alarm clock forces me to open my eyes, and with all hate and struggle in my heart I switch it off hoping to lie in bed one or two minutes more. As a result, I oversleep and having a snack as quickly as possible run to my university not to be late. Actually, we have three or four double shifts a day.

I know that knowledge is very important in people’s life. As for me, I go along with a statement that it is a good source to teach me how to live in this world full of difficult situations and hardships. Besides, to be a student is also a good source of enjoyment and entertainment. I have a lot of friends among our faculty and we have a good time together after studying. For example, my friend and I are active members of after-school activity. It means that when our group organizes some concerts, we always take part playing the guitar or acting some funny roles. Moreover, in my free time I’m fond of visiting modern clubs where I can relax after exhausting and hectic studying life at the university in the company of best friends.

I prefer dubstep or hard rock, and it depends on my mood. Music gives me a hand of help to avoid brainstorming. When I come back home after parties I always have energy even to study. Foreign languages demand a great power of will, but I have a good self-esteem to realize that getting good knowledge is very important for my future profession. That’s why I’ll try to do my best in order to reach my aim and goals in my life.

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